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Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Cementede Carbide Clamped Insert
Alloy Gear for Eccentric Drill
Spherical Bits
Recycled Tungsten Carbide Powder
Prefinisher Roll
Carbide Strip
YG6 YG8 alloy dies
Waste W Powder
Tungsten Carbide Bar
tungsten carbide powder
Tungsten carbide scrap
Rejected hard metal cutting tools
Tungsten steel powder scrap
tungsten carbide waste
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Raw Materials for Hard Metal    
Tungsten powder and .. Mo powder Ni powder and Co pow..
Mixed material Other materials TaC、NbC、VC
Equipments for Hard Metal    
Other equipments Sintering equipments Compacting equipment..
Mixing equipments Gas equipments Sieving equipments
Hard Metal Products    
Tungsten carbide pro.. Steel-bonded tungste.. Cast tungsten carbid..
Heavy metal W-Mo products WCu and MoCu alloy
Other products Superhard material  
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